Yes. You read right. It was Friday. The boy and I usually workout with our friends in the neighborhood. We’re kind of an isolation pod; their family & ours. So we’ve done a lot together throughout social distancing season.

Shortly before we were going to workout, a delivery guy I had sent to pick up 23 yards of fabric from a vendor called to tell me the 23 yards somehow fell off his bike without him noticing. As I type this, we still haven’t figured out a resolution. And it’s fabric for which I already have preorders.

I didn’t feel like working out. But I also felt like it might be a good mood booster, so I went. When we got to theirs, they weren’t dressed. Very unlike them. What happened? One of their nannies stole money from them.

We were all so over Nigeria, that we cancelled our HIIT workout and instead took a very long walk within the estate. We filled our water bottles with wine, and took a long one hour walk. I guess the wine was really at work because the four of us came up with an elaborate relocation plan. We would move back to America, but in 2 years. Next year, we would do a multi city tour in America [because we couldn’t agree on a city to move to], and then decide on a city.

Today I’m laughing at that plan. Nigeria does really frustrate you. But everyday, we dust ourselves off and try again.

Damola. Xx


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