I’ve been gone for a minute, now I’m back with the jump off. Kidding.
I recently visited the ‘Lekki Conservation Centre‘ in Lagos, and I felt so ashamed that I’ve lived so close to it for such a long time and I’ve never thought to stop there. I guess I need to be more of a tourist in my own city, right? It was a good escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and a good opportunity to ‘bond’ with nature. It’s a nature park covered in greenery, and lots of monkeys. tortoises,  and peacocks. I heard they had snakes as well, but I [thankfully] didn’t get to see any. It’s also home to the longest canopy walkway in Africa, and the second longest in the world. I believe the longest one is somewhere in Malaysia. And they had these really cool life-sized game boards, which I didn’t get to play on. But I plan to go back sometime with a bunch of friends to enjoy those. They had gazebos out in the ‘wild’ where you could just sit down and enjoy the fresh air. There were also two ponds; didn’t have much in them.
Longest canopy walkway in Africa, heeeey!

If you go, please please please don’t eat anything where there are monkeys. They will jump on you and snatch your food. It happened to too many of us that day, lol. And they were so sleek about it too! They had us hiding food in our clothes, not because we didn’t want to share but because we were scared of getting attacked, lol.
I believe it cost N1000 for an adult to get in, and that covers the guided tour. The Lekki Conservation Centre is in Lekki, just after the Chevron Roundabout, and before the second toll gate. It’s on your right, you can’t miss it. They also didn’t have any food or drink for sale [boo!], so definitely bring your own water and snacks.


  1. Lollll. Trust me when I say I'm a huge zoophobic too. However it wasn't bad at all. You should try. After the entrance I hardly saw any animals. It was just a lot of greenery.

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