30 feels like ages ago now. I mean, it was my half birthday 2 weeks ago. [Yes, I celebrate my half birthdays. By myself.] And for some reason, I haven’t been able to bring myself to blog about it. First it started with wanting to save the best for last. Then it was a case of wanting to write this post when I was in the mood, so as to write the best post possible. Now I’m scared I’ve forgotten most of the highlights of that day and figured it’s time to write it anyways.

For my 30th, there was no confusion as to what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to be in a new country, and I knew I wanted my friends there with me. We went to Barcelona, Spain.
It was definitely a grande birthday for me. I liked how intimate it all was, and because it was such a small group, we had an amazingly perfect time.  I originally thought of going to Austria, my birth country. In fact, even after I decided on Spain, I had planned with ‘the other girl’, Lanre, to still visit Austria, even if for a day or 2. However, that never happened. Story for another blog post.

The night before my birthday was our first night in Spain; freshly arrived from Paris. We walked aimlessly around the beautiful city [I sooo want to live in Barcelona for a few months!], and eventually settled down to eat.

Acting a fool; playing hide & go seek :p

Minutes before I turned 30. My heart was overflowing with joy. I was content. Fulfilled. Most of my favorite people were right there with me. We were all laughing like we were drunk. Everything was perfect. Blurry. But perfect. Lol.
He played ‘happy birthday’ to me

My birthday started with a ride on the hop on hop off bus. The highlight of that for me was Sagrada Familia. The ‘Basilica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia’ is/was one of the greatest works of Catalan Architect, Antoni Gaudi. It’s a Catholic Church that they’ve been building since 1882, and is still not completed. The thing is massive, and the detail on every inch of even the outside is just breathtaking! 

Friends like sisters. Yes, they got me the lovely balloons and make me work around all day with them 

THE Sagrada Familia

And then we made a stop at Park Guell; another masterpiece by Gaudi
View from the top 

Me + the other girl 

And then we went for this ‘Gaudi 4D experience’ which was basically a 4d ride. It felt very real; I think we even got splashed with water. It basically takes you into Gaudi’s world and inspiration.
In summary, I spent my birthday with a lot of Gaudi. After all the day time wandering, we freshened up and went to dinner at Torre d’Alta Mar. 

The other girl et moi
Views of Barcelona from high up

Birthday girl!
All in all it was a very fun day. We didn’t get many pictures from dinner [or dancing afterward] because we were having way too much fun. It was the perfect way to turn 30 though!
A more detailed post about Barcelona will be up soon! I seriously fell in love with the city.
D. xx


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