Last Friday, I went to see a photography exhibition by Brian Sargent at the New England School of Photography. He basically took a series of pictures on the Underground, of various people that evoke a spectrum of emotions; love, lust, hurt, fear, joy, sadness, etc. Each photograph was interesting. I took a few pictures for the blog, ya know? It kinda reminds of Humans of NY; but each has a different focus. I also got to meet the photographer, who turns out to be majorly anti-social media for reasons I perfectly understood. Oh, and interestingly, all his photos are shot with an iPhone.

Random: This J Label shirt, I’ve worn only twice. The first time was to an art exhibition in Lagos. It’s funny I’ve worn it again to yet another exhibition many months later. Lol! Maybe this will be my exhibition uniform. Kidding. 
Spotted this randomly in the hallway.
Hope the rest of your week is awesome! 

D. xxx

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