Can you spot me in there? Haha. 
‘A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life’ – Thomas Jefferson.
Paris is always a good idea. You always hear/read that everywhere. And it really was a fab idea. I got to spend two nights there with 4 of my friends. Paris is such an inspiring town! You step off the train onto the streets, and you’re immediately overwhelmed by the amount of inspiration all around you. Without typing too much, I’ll let you enjoy part 1 of my Paris photo journal. Of course on the first day, we did all the cliche bits  The Louvre Museum, Eiffel tower, etc.

They found wi-fi and refused to let go, ha-ha! Spot Es well behind Lanre, also holding on to the wi-fi. The worst culprit, though not captured here, is my friend Bu. She finds wi-fi even where there’s none. Lol! Paris is stingy with free wi-fi sha. 
Who eats Italian in Paris? We do! 
Random spotting while walking down one of the quieter streets
It was extremely important for me to make a stop at Laduree. Like it was high up there on the list of things I needed to accomplish. Haha.
Divine. Just Divine. 
Of course we visited the Louvre museum. But it was night and it was closed so we took pictures, and then visited again the next day. 

It was just too beautiful on the inside
Such a beauty…
And then there was the Eiffel tower. We actually stood in the queue forever, but eventually gave up. It was a very cold night and most of us weren’t appropriately dressed for it.
We made a stop at the Love Lock bridge
Was pretty excited to find Kola & Chichi’s love lock. Shoutout to them; if anyone knows them
Lanre decided to jump over the bridge because she had no love to lock down. 
Ecoile nationale supreiure des Beaux – Arts ; Basically, National School of Fine Arts 

Random. It was Halloween week after all. 

Goodbye Paris. We loved you! 

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!

D. xxx


  1. I love this post! My husband and I hope to travel to Paris within the next two years. I'll definitely hit you up for ideas and recommendations. Also, I'm a big Laduree fan! xo

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