Boston is now home for me, until further notice. Because of the horrible weather – blizzards et al – I haven’t been able to explore the city as much as I’d love to. However, last Saturday was quite nice so my sister and I decided to go out for brunch.

We went to Chinatown, to a very little Chinese restaurant called “Gourmet Dumpling House”. When our food first came, I told my sister there was no way we could eat it all and we’d have to pack some of it home. She just laughed and said, “you’ll see”. Boy, was I wrong! The food was so good we couldn’t stop eating. You know when you know you’re definitely filled up, but you just can’t stop? Yea, that’s what happened here.

Scallion pancakes

Good ol’ kung pao chicken

Sliced fish schezuan style – the star of the day – every table ordered one, haha! Glad we got one too. It was GOOD!

Our spread. I could barely move after all this, haha!
Hope everyone’s doing well, and enjoying 2015 so far. I can’t believe it’s February already – the month of love 🙂

Dammy. xxx


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