Wow! 2015 I’m beyond thankful that I made it, and that you made it too! 2014 was a great year. I grew as an individual, I traveled, I met people, I read and learned a lot, and I definitely moved closer to the targets I’ve set for my life.
I have so many goals – not resolutions – for this new year. They’re grouped into spiritual, family, travel, business, and personal goals. However, for the purpose of this blog I’ll keep it to travel goals only. I hope I can inspire you, through this blog to travel and explore more. There’s such a massive world out there that’s bigger than you and me. And in getting lost out there, somehow, we find more of ourselves.
So my biggest travel goal is to blog more, and in order to do that I most certainly have to travel more. These are the places I want to travel to this year; in no particular order:

1. Greece

2. Macau
3. Morocco
4. South Africa
5. Czech Republic
6. Turkey [need to go back & spend more time there!]
7. Italy
8. Austria
9. Singapore
10. Puerto Rico
However, I’m looking forward to impromptu and unplanned trips. I’m really big on those. So if I end up going to a completely different set of places, don’t be mad at me, lol. Let’s see how the year goes. What about you? What are your travel plans/goals/wishes for 2015?
May 2015 be magical for us all! Happy new year!!!
Damola. xxx


  1. South Africa, Morocco, Italy, Puerto Rico โ™กโ˜†โ˜…โ™ฅ Maybe not this year but sometime in the near future most def….

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