2014 was a great year. I turned 30! I didn’t travel as much as I would have loved to, but I’m beyond pleased with the places I did get to visit. I also didn’t get to explore some of the places I visited as deeply as I would have liked to, but this is a lesson for me for future trips. I learned this year that impromptu trips can be way more fun than planned ones, and I learned not to over-plan a trip in advance; it’s nice to go somewhere without a plan or itinerary and just go with the wind. So here are the places I did get to visit this year, in order:




1. New York City, USA


2. Santiago, Chile


3. London, England


4. Phuket, Thailand


5. Istanbul, Turkey


6. Paris, France

7. Barcelona, Spain


8. London, England [again]


9. Amsterdam, Netherlands


I cannot decide which of these was my favorite this year. It’s between Santiago & Barcelona. Both cities are perfect for me; I can totally see myself living in either of them. Except I only speak a few words of Spanish lol. But I’m sure I can learn in a few months if I actually live there.


So tell me, what was your travel highlight of 2014 and why?


Damola. xxx



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