Ha! If this isn’t innovative, I don’t know what is. In fact, I’m wondering why I’ve never thought of this, lol! Still waiting patiently for my billion dollar idea….sigh. Anyway, this suitcase by Fugu Luggage  somehow morphs from hand-luggage size  into a large check-in size.

This is absolutely perfect for me, and I cannot wait for it to launch. I’m totally buying me one of these. Sometimes you want to travel hand-luggage only to a few places; but then on the last leg of the journey, you buy a lot of junk and need a way to bring it back. And you don’t want to have to carry check-in luggage all the way.

And it gets better. If you have OCD [like me], this will make you giddy with excitement. It also comes with removable built-in shelves! This is like having an organized closet while I’m traveling! Lol! So you can decide whether or not you need those. Aaaand it can be used as a small work table. It doesn’t get better! 
You can read more about Fugu and how it works/the design on their website or on Expert Vagabond
Damola. xxx


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