The unfortunate outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, and it’s recent spread to Europe & America is a cause for concern for many travelers. What can you to stay safe while traveling through all this?

  • Ebola isn’t an airborne disease, so you can’t get it from simply breathing around someone with the disease
  • It’s probably best to stay away from the countries that were hit the hardest; Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea; except absolutely necessary. 
  • Wash your hands often, and try as much as possible not to touch surfaces. I’d carry sanitizing wipes as well, and wipe baggage handles etc before picking them up
  • Avoid crowded places if you can! Markets, cinemas, etc.
  • This one is obvious – don’t shake hands with anyone!
  • If you’re coming from certain regions [West Africa] or have recently visited, expect delays as many airports have now instituted vigorous screening
Basically, keep your hands to yourself, wash your hands regularly, avoid body contact as much as possible, and stay away from regions that have been hit hard by the virus. 
Hope this helps! Do you have any additional tips? Leave a comment! 
Damola. xxx

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