Day 5 was our final day in Phuket. We set out from the hotel by 7am [bus ride organized by the hotel] and went to Royal Phuket Marina where got on a speedboat and sailed for 45 minutes.. And it was simply paradisal! I swear I felt right at home :).was just beautiful! There were vertical cliffs covered in green foliage. The waters were clear and beautiful, I could have lived there.

We went to Maya Bay, where we parked the boat in the middle of the water and went snorkeling. I think Maya Bay was where Leonardo Dicaprio’s ‘The Beach’ was filmed. We also went to a monkey cave, where we fed the monkeys. We went snorkeling some more, parked for lunch, and then visited Bamboo island. It was a whole day’s affair as we got back to land around 4:30pm. 

It was definitely a great way to spend our last day there. We went for our final day massages, packed our bags, and left for the Phuket airport. What I’d give to be back there right now! *sigh*
Damola. xxx

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