With very little sleep at around 8am, it was time to get on the bus that was taking us to ATV Hill Adventure & Elephant Ride, in Phang Nga. I don’t remember exactly how long the bus ride took, but I’d say around 45 minutes. 
We started off with the ‘Elephant Trek’. As calm as the elephant seems, it was very scary at first. The elephant kept taking us up and downhill and we thought we were going to fall off every single time. And then after it got comfortable, it was a beautiful experience. I felt like I was one with nature, haha! 

After the elephant ride, came the ATV adventure. Now, that was just exhilarating. I originally didn’t want to drive one myself because I was so scared of crashing, but once I got on it I was practically doing stunts and all sorts, *lol*. I think I was scared when we got the safety talk in the beginning and the guy was saying all sorts and showing us pictures of people who spent months in the hospital from not obeying the rules. I almost didn’t want it to end! We had a break at a point, where they gave us water and whoever needed a smoke had one. And then we finished the journey. 

After this, of course we were knocked out! But did that stop us? Nope! We got back to the hotel, got in our backyard pool for a bit, then we went to the hotel’s swim up bar for some mango smoothies and mojitos. And that’s how I spent day 1 in Phuket. All in all, it was a very fun and high energy day. 
Damola. xxx

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