I traveled to Phuket for 5 days for my friend’s 30th birthday. We were a group of about 15 from Nigeria, England, and America that converged in Asia. It was the time of my life. I did so many things that I normally wouldn’t have. I have to say, this is definitely my adventure year. 
I arrived in Phuket around 10pm, and got through customs in less than 10 minutes. My friend who arrived a 1am spent an hour at least on the customs queue! Lucky me. Once I picked my bag, there was a taxi waiting to pick me from our hotel. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Phuket Resort, Mai Khao Beach. When they mentioned  we were staying at a Holiday Inn, I was a bit skeptical. But upon getting there, I felt immediately at home. It’s apparently a private resort that decided to use the Holiday Inn brand name. 

When I arrived at the Hotel, the people there were extremely friendly. They first welcomed me with some dragon fruit juice, which was really yummy. When I got into my room, I forgot all my worries. Seriously. We got a ‘pool access room’. So basically, from our back door, we stepped right into a pool. Perfection. Very few things make me happier than sand & water. The hotel is also situated right on Mai Khao Beach, so we had easy access to the beach.
Of course there was no lifeguard on duty, it was our own private pool 🙂
The view from our room
This ‘tsunami evacuation’ sign just outside our room freaked me out a bit. But hey, we made it through without a tsunami 🙂
Want to lay down and catch an outdoor movie at night?
I got a bit of rest while waiting for my friend, Bu, to arrive. She finally got to the hotel at 3am. When she got there, rather than go to sleep, we decided to walk around the hotel. We were jet lagged and hungry. The hotel is well equipped with a spa, the ‘Tea Tree Spa’, an infinity pool on the beach front, a gym, a playroom for kids, a deli, a swim up bar (one of my favorite features), and probably some other bits I’m leaving out.  It also smelled really green and fresh, with gorgeous greenery and plants everywhere. 
Eventually at about 5am, we decided to order room service, which we ate in the lobby. After having our mini breakfast, we took a walk to the beach and actually watched the sun rise. It was beautiful. The breakfast we decided to share wasn’t enough, and since we were still up at 6:30am, the official start of breakfast at the resort, we decided to stuff our bellies and then go to bed. We finally got to bed around 7 or thereabout, and before I could even fall asleep, the group was knocking at our door. It was time for Day 1!  I had planned to attend their daily 8am yoga classes. But uhm, between activities and jet lag, it never happened.
I’ll take you through Day 1 in detail in my next post.
Damola. xxx


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