It’s been forever, I know! I’m so terrible at this blogging thing, but I’ll keep trying. I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and hope 2014 is off to a great start. Mine definitely has been great. I spent New Year’s Eve in New York, and I’m currently in Santiago, Chile. I also got to visit Accra, Ghana just before Christmas, and London just after Christmas. Since I last blogged, I’ve been on about 6 different flights, with 4 more coming up soon. Life has taken a very interesting turn, and I’m loving it so far. I took spontaneous trips, and I have to say those are the absolute best! 

I’m not sure about new year resolutions, but there are many things I plan to do this year!

  • Travel more
  • Meet more [interesting] people
  • Explore music from all over the world [suggestions are welcome]
  • More yoga
  • More running
  • More meditation
  • Read more books [in different genres from the ones I usually read]
  • Give more
  • More laughter
  • More fun
  • Invest more time in my friendships
  • More love
  • More spontaneity 
  • More blogging [of course!]
  • MUST learn a new language [I say this every year]
The pictures are from Santiago! It’s amazing how there are no black people here, so I find a lot of people staring at me [trying to figure out what I am?]. One time a child was crying so hard, and as soon as she set her eyes on me she stopped. Her parents had been trying to shut her up for a long time. Imagine the effect my skin color had on her, haha! Some people ask if I’m Brazilian, lol. It’s really interesting. And of course, they speak Spanish here so communication is a bit of a problem. But somehow, I find myself constantly laughing with people with whom I cannot even communicate! 
It’s been an amazing trip and I have to say Chileans are very warm people. Oh, and they love my braids! I sincerely cannot wait for my next destination!  

I’ll do a more detailed ‘Chile’ post soon. I took tons of pictures, and I’m really getting into photography now 🙂

Damola. xxx

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