I blogged a few weeks ago [briefly] about my recent trip to Dubai. I felt like I was the only person in Nigeria who hadn’t been to Dubai. I guess it’s just a natural thing here; you have to visit Dubai. In America though, I don’t think that many people went to Dubai. In fact, I don’t think a lot of my friends stateside have been still. I’ve done Asia, Europe, Africa, America … but never the Middle East. Somehow. Except you count a brief stoppover in Qatar.
When we got out of the airport, we were told families/ladies had to use the pink cabs, driven by women. I thought that was pretty cute. It was that way only at the airport though. In the city itself, I rarely saw any pink women-driven cabs. 
It was amazing! It was the best use of that weekend. Unfortunately [and maybe fortunately] I was only there for 3 days. I went with 3 of my cousins, and we got a pretty cozy 2 bedroom suite at the Donatello Hotel Apartments which was only a 3 or 4 minute walk to the Mall of Emirates
We spent day 1 shopping. We went into the Mall of Emirates, thinking we’d spend a few hours and move on. We didn’t leave the mall until about 9pm! There was everything! High-end stores, high street stores, everything! And we didn’t even see all of it. It was pretty overwhelming. 
On day 2, we headed back to the Mall of Emirates [lol, we had to conquer what we couldn’t on the first day]. We only stayed till about noon, and then we headed back to our hotel to refuel for the desert safari. The desert safari is pretty much a must-do if you’re in Dubai. The drive was probably comparable to being on a really scary roller-coaster lol. It was fun though. And when we got to the camp, it was such an amazing feeling. Being away from the madness of the world, and just at peace. There was entertainment, food, henna tattoo artists, shisha, and lots to drink! 
I found this dress at the Lekki Art Market. I think you should check the place out if you live in Lagos. There are so many great artists there! From painters to sculptors to tailors, there’s a lot there. They have everything from clothes to shoes to real, authentic leather bags, to jewelry [all handmade!]. Once in a while, I pay them a visit to see what I can score. 
Day 3 was road trip day! We hired a car to drive us to Abu Dhabi, and I’m so happy we did. We drove first to the aaaaaaamazing Sheikh Zayed mosque! As a muslim, I’ve never ever seen anything that comes close. Apparently, it’s rumored to be the third biggest mosque in the world. And they definitely paid a lot of attention to every detail. It was such a great experience! After the mosque, we spent the rest of our time in Abu Dhabi at the mall.
They absolutely won’t let you in the mosque, even as a tourist, except you covered up. They even had coverings there for anyone that didn’t bring theirs along. 
Wonder what I was looking at/for…
Spot my henna tattoo. Couldn’t go all out like everyone else, because of work. Didn’t want to come to work looking all irresponsible, lol
Caught offguard. I think I overdosed on Starbucks. Why won’t they just come to Nigeria????? *sobs*
Anyhooo, that’s all from the Middle East. Next trip is coming up sometime around Christmas, amen! 
Damola. xxx

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